• Phung Pham

    Merging communities and the arts with technology.

    The Story Now
    By working in education, philanthropy and both the private and public sectors, I have accumulated a diverse skill set. From web development to grantmaking, fundraising to community organizing, project management to grantwriting - it is about building bridges.
    Currently, I work in the public sector as Court Assistant. Most previously I was at St. Michael's College, partnering with donors making meaningful end-of-life decisions that leave a positive and impactful legacy. On the side, I'm learning to build interactive webpages with a Grow with Google Scholarship through Udacity.
    The Story Then
    Previously as a Company Manager (aka tour manager) for Center Stage, I lived one of my dreams - going on tour! Through an initiative by the U.S. State Department sponsoring an arts culture exchange bringing international dancers and musicians to the US. I toured over 5,000 miles to bring these performances to bridge our cultural stories across the US.


    Boston was my home for some time, where I participated in the vibrant non-profit sector as a grantmaker, partnering with agencies doing incredible work to provide basic safety net services (shelter, food, aid). I am most heartened by the work in support of equity, education and youth. Saffron Circle was a part of my life - a giving circle that impacted emerging and innovative social change organizations. Saffron Circle is by the community for the community - check out Saffron Circle's website and give the grantees some love.


    Recently (well, not so recent now), I relocated to New York state and became drawn to The Lake Champlain International Film Festival and met some talented filmmakers and producers along the way. Prior to that, I supported Vân-Ánh Võ to fundraise for a project called The Odyssey - a thoughtful multimedia production examining the costs of war. After completing The Odyssey's premiere at both Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco and the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., I moved to the North Country to be with my love.


    I have bounced around the world, broadening my perspective through languages, food, and new experiences that nourish my body, mind and soul. I was that long-term visitor in Egypt, Vietnam, and Mexico...and the short term stints in SE Asia, Middle East, and Africa.


    Moving forward, I am seeking out creative endeavors to apply my range of skills, collaborate with teams of like-minded people, and build something truly worthwhile to move toward a world our hearts know is possible. Projects that are interesting to me tend to utilize both my left and right brain. My career trajectory is a non-linear and it is the way I like it.


    If you think I might fit in on be a good fit for a project or in your organization - let's chat!



  • More things I'm working on.

    Mobile DJ School - Let the Children Play Jamaica

    Udacity Nanodegree - Front End Web Development

    Hospice of the North Country

    Giving Circles

    Civic Engagement with Municipal Government

    Landmark Education

    Reevaluation Counseling (RC)

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